Laser Therapy

The newest form of treatment for fingernails fungus and any type of toenail fungus infection is laser therapy.  The treatment involves actually what one would guess from the title.  The infected areas are penetrated with a laser beam that allegedly makes the environment completely inhospitable for the fungal agents that cause nail fungus (dermatophytes).  Since the treatment has only been around for a few years, there isn’t a clear belief among podiatrists as to whether or not this is an effective form of treatment.

fingernails fungusMost studies have reported no adverse effects to laser treatment,  but the system zaps the nail fungus with very high heat, which in theory could damage healthy tissue around the toenail.  In addition, many treatments can often cost up to or over $1,000 and most medical insurances do not cover these costs.

Perhaps most disappointing is the fact that the majority of patients who tested and saw positive results from laser treatment had to return for additional treatments within 4-6 months.  The idea of the “one-stop-shop” solution is evidently not the case.

However, there are some definite positives.  Laser toenail fungus treatment is completely pain free.  The laser toenail fungus procedure takes about 20 minutes and patients generally need between one to eight treatments in a multiple week period to significantly improve the infection.  It is recommended that each patient returns to the clinic after a month or two to allow the doctor to check on the progress of the infected nail or nails.  In addition, the risk of developing any infection is extremely minimal although there are few potential side effects (discussed above).  When compared with powerful oral treatments that all have the potential side effects, this is certainly a big bonus.

Until more evidence is available, medical professionals and podiatrists have come to no agreement but generally suggest to sticking with more-established treatments.  But it can’t be said that there haven’t been cases where laser therapy has worked wonderfully for certain clients.  So unfortunately, we don’t have any solid advice to give as to whether or not to try laser treatment for a nail fungus infection.  Topical fingernails fungus treatments are very often the most effective, least potentially dangerous and cost effective.  When you are choosing which method of treatment to pursue, do your homework and if possible, consult a podiatrist or medical professional for a discussion.