Nail Fungus Prevention

Knowing the best methods to prevent a toenail fungus infection is the first step to never getting infected.  There are a variety of ways that you can be proactive and do everything in your power to prevent contracting yellow toenails or any nail fungus infection in the first place.  If you diligently follow these 8 rules listed below, you will greatly reduce your risk of contracting a nail fungus condition and of having a previous infection recur.

nail fungus cure image1.  Wash your feet regularly and dry them well every single time!  This seems like it would be the most obvious of all steps to take but people neglect it all the time.  Fungal agents thrive in moist, dark places and that is exactly what you are giving them by putting wet feet in socks for the entire day!  Wash your feet thoroughly at least once a day and always dry them completely (that means between the toes too!) before putting on socks and/or shoes.

2.  Keep your nails clean, short and dry.  Trim your nails regularly so that you don’t run the risk of a hangnail, broken nail or any other damage to a nail bed that will essentially act as an invitation for a fungal infection.  In many toenail fungus cases, a mild case of skin fungus (that can go largely undetected) can find it’s way into a damaged portion of a nail bed and grow into a strong case of nail fungus.  Care for your nails so they don’t get attacked!

3.  For those that perspire often, use anti-fungal topical solutions and/or powders in your shoes or on your feet each day.  This will help eliminate any existing fungus that might be present and create a less pleasant environment for fungal agents to develop.  Avoid using the same shoes everyday and give each pair you wear some time to air dry especially if you perspire a great deal.  Same goes with your socks.  If you sweat excessively change your socks and alternate between open toed sandals and closed shoes.

4.  Wash your hands after touching or putting medication on infected toenails.  This should be pretty straight-forward but touching healthy nails right after handling a nail with a fungal infection can infect the other nails on your hands.  Simply wash thoroughly with soap and water after applying whatever medical application you are using to treat your nail fungal infection.

5.  Wear protective shoes or slippers when you use public facilities!  This list would include but is not limited to gym showers, locker rooms and nail fungus cure imageswimming pools.  Many people with questionable hygiene practices use these facilities and you never know if someone infected has just used the shower stall you are using.  The more that you can keep your nails (especially toenails) from entering high risk situations, the better off you are.  Remember that nail fungus is contagious and it only takes one unlucky bit of exposure to catch this unfortunate infection.

6.  Make sure your nail salon keeps the tools and environment clean!  It would be hard to overestimate the amount cases where nail fungus has been spread in a salon.  Make sure that they sterilize their instruments after EVERY customer.  Again, one infected tool not properly cleaned can be the cause of a miserable toenail fungus infection.  To take extreme measures, you can bring your own equipment.  Just make sure you sterilize them as well even if you are the only one using it.

7.  If you suspect you have a nail fungus infection, begin treatment as soon as possible!  This cannot be overstated.  The longer that a nail fungus infection is given to grow and strengthen, the longer the treatment time will be and the more difficult it will be to fully eliminate the infection.  We suggest immediately starting treatment with a proven topical solution since these are often the least expensive form of toenail fungus treatment and are effective for mild to medium level infections.  However, we also strongly recommended making an appointment with a podiatrist or medical professional to discuss treatment options and learn more about how to address the infection.

8.  Eat a well-balanced diet.  A healthy immune system is essential for fighting any and all types of infections.  It will help you fight bacteria, viruses and germs that can cause nail fungus.

Although we are all at risk at some point in our lives, taking certain precautions can limit the amount of time you are exposed to nail fungal agents.  And if you ever are infected, find a reputable toenail fungus treatment immediately and start using it.  Be smart about how you care for your hands and feet so your nails can be free of nail fungus forever!