Compare Ingredients

The chart below is an ingredient comparison for our five favorite topical toenail fungus treatments. The ingredients we compared are all among a group of known anti-fungal agents, some FDA-approved and others herbal extracts with strong anti-fungal properties.
1Undecylenic Acid
2Tea Tree Oil
3Propylene Glycol
4Jasmine Oil
5Aloe Barbadensis
6Lavender Oil
8Rose Hip Oil
10Jojoba Oil
11Bearberry Extract
12Rose Geranium
14Vitamin E
15Clove Oil

Review of Nail Fungus Treatments:

#1 – Funginix

The Positives
Our top rated toenail fungus treatment for 2013 is the topical solution called Funginix. This brand has been one of the more popular and visible products on the internet for about 6 years now. What sets Funginix apart from the many other topical competitors is the ingredient list. They use an FDA-approved anti-fungal active called undecylenic acid as do some of the other higher-end topical solutions. But it’s the mixture of herbal anti-fungals like as camphor and menthol as well as oils such as tea tree, jasmine and lavender that make the treatment complete. The application process is very easy using the provided brush applicator and the consistency of the product is slightly creamier than other topical solutions which allows for better absorption than a lacquer-type product.The Negatives
Funginix is really a very complete product. We’d like for the price to be lower but $49.95 is pretty much the standard for the higher end topical solutions.

Final Review
This is an excellent product for eliminating all forms of nail fungus. We found that it was clearly the most effective and fast acting of the topical solutions and that it was strong enough to even make improvements in deeply entrenched infections. We strongly suggest that any of our readers that are suffering from a nail fungus infection try Funginix.

#2 – Fungavir

The Positives
Fungavir is among the group of better topical nail fungus treatments. This product is relatively new to the market and has a good quality ingredient list. Fungavir is largely a knock-off of Funginix but because of that, they’ve put together an effective mixture of ingredients with a combination of undecylenic acid with herbal extracts. The application for Fungavir is similar to that of a nail polish or lacquer.The Negatives
There are not many negatives about Fungavir other than it just isn’t as good as the competition. For the $49.95 that they charge per bottle, a person can get either a superior topical solution or a more powerful form of topical lacquer, either of which will be a more consistently effective treatment.

Final Review
Fungavir is a nice product that is starting to get known more readily in the nail fungus treatment market. This product is most effective on the milder infections and is not difficult to use nor has any potential side effects. Fungavir is a good treatment for fighting nail fungus infections but there are other, more effective options on the market today.

#3 – Zetaclear

The Positives
Zetaclear is a lacquer-type topical solution that has been one of the more visible treatments for sale on the internet for nearly 10 years. The list of ingredients is quite good and they also use undecylenic acid as an active ingredient. The two-part system that Zetaclear now offers consists of both a lacquer-type solution and an oral spray. The homeopathic spray is intended to fight the fungal infection from the inside out although it’s difficult to say if it actually has any effect.The Negatives
The two part system of Zetaclear doesn’t appear to do anything more than simply the topical application. Although they have been around for quite a few years, it appears as though the more modern formulas are more complete and therefore effective as treatments. And the Zetaclear website is simply awful.

Final Review
Zetaclear is a good topical solution. The list of ingredients is pretty strong and they clearly make a product that works since the company has been in business for quite some time. Customers have been pleased mostly when treating lighter fungus infections of the nails. But we’ve found that there are other products in the same market that are more effective, more reliable and sold at the exact same price.

#4 – Nail Rx

The Positives
Nail-Rx is a product that has a very clean ingredient list of established anti-fungal herbal elements. These ingredients are commonly found in other topical solutions and are known to be provide relief to mild infections of nail fungus. Due to the very gentle, all-herbal ingredient list, the texture and feel of Nail Rx is very pleasant.The Negatives
This product not a particularly powerful solution for strong cases of nail fungus. Customer reviews show that there have been some stories of success using Nail Rx but that the ingredient list lacks the punch that the leading topical solutions offer. And the customer service department was not especially good. Because of the long list of products this company creates, the representatives we spoke with didn’t know much about each of their products specifically.

Final Review
Nail-Rx is a nice gentle formula which is simply too expensive compared with the competition. This formula is nice for the maintenance of healthy nails or the customer that seeks an all herbal formula for the elimination of very minor toenail fungus infections.

#5 – Dermisil

The Positives
Dermisil is an oil-based solution that simply contains Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass Oil. Known to be an effective home remedy, Tea Tree Oil has been used for years with some success by those seeking an “all-natural” cure.The Negatives
For the price of $49.95, a person can find quite a few more topical solutions that are more powerful and have a much more comprehensive ingredient list. Although Tea Tree Oil is an excellent anti-fungal, it would be just as effective for a person to directly buy Tea Tree Oil rather that paying the industry-standard price for a product that isn’t quite up to industry standards.

Final Review
A reasonable product for very minor toenail fungus infections that is severely overpriced. We would suggest looking in a different direction for a topical solution, especially if the infection you are treating is anything but extremely mild.