About Us

Nail Fungus Research is exactly that.  Research.  Our website is maintained by two authors who focus on the sharing of information about nail fungus infections.  After years contributing to medical blogs and online journals, we chose the topic of toenail fungus after learning about how confusing and difficult an affliction is it to treat.  Although the internet is full of information and resources, this information is not always complete or easy to find.

The goal of this website is to provide our readers with valuable information about nail fungus infections and the best methods available for treatment.  Since we understand that not every infection is best treated in the same manner, it is of critical importance for anyone with nail fungus to understand the complexity of the infection before choosing the proper treatment method.

nail fungus imagePlease feel free to email us at your convenience if you have any specific questions you’d like us to answer.  The more communication we all have regarding the latest in research, the newest treatments and personal testimonials, the better informed we will all be.  In addition, if there is a treatment that you’d like to have us review, email us and give us a little background on the product.  Although we try to stay on top of the most recent products released, there is always something new on the horizon that we may not have heard of.  The sharing of information is the best way for us all to be properly informed about this frustrating and confusing condition.

Ultimately, in order to help people make the most informed decision possible when doing battle with a nail fungus infection, we try to provide all of the facts and relevant information that we can dig up.   As frustrating as this infection can be, it can be eliminated with the proper behavior modifications and a reputable treatment.  Thanks again for visiting us and we hope you use our website as an information source that results in you being fungus-free forever!